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Mortgage loans in India -

A mortgage loan helps you raise funds for you to suffice your financial obligations for your business or any other profitable ventures. A mortgage loan in India is a form of a Secured Loan. People opt for a loan against residential plot or a loan against land property to fulfil their dreams and invest in a commercial property.

Going forward, the borrower needs to repay the loan against house property as well as the interest amount levied as a lending charge. The customer becomes the owner of the property once the repayment is completely done and the mortgage will be released back to his possession. Mortgage against property is also known as claims on property or liens against property.

What are the primary components when you opt for a LAP loan?

Principle amount - is the amount you actually borrow from your lender.

Interest - is the reward your lender receives for lending you the money. The interest rate plays a major role in increasing the size of your mortgage loan.Higher interest rates lead to a higher mortgage payment.

Tax and insurance payments - are added to your monthly mortgage payments. Insurance provides you protection against future injuries that may be caused to your property. Also, your real estate taxes will be added to your monthly payments. The government will collect this tax on a yearly basis and use that amount to fund various public and social sector activities. So, when you take a mortgage loan, you also need to understand the above mentioned components that affect the size of your mortgage repayments.

Let your property protect your dreams -

We can fund your next big dream with your biggest asset. Now make your property the key to turn wishes into reality. Reliance brings to you multipurpose Loans against Property to put your property to the best use.


Loan against property in India as a sector has evolved in the coming years. It has entities provide a lot of services, where we stand for providing easy top-ups for an expansion plan.

Type of Property :

Loan against Property has the following products under the types of property for which we serve our lenders.

Loan against Residential Property – We provide you a loan on property mortgage for the residential plot under your name. Besides the loan, we assist you in searching for the perfect property, which is a task that requires proper guidance, at each step. We want to ensure that you get the best possible assistance while you mortgage loan against residential flat right from search of the property to purchase of the property.

Loan against Commercial Property – We also help you borrowing against property owned for commercial use. In that case, you must apply for a loan against a house in India, and we will help you with quick processing & a hassle free loan disbursal process with minimal documentation.

Minimum & Maximum Loan Amount: 5 Lacs - 5 Cr.

Documentation Required:

Following are the loan against property documents required to submit for all applicants / co-applicants along with the completed and signed Application Form -

Identity Proof - Passport / PAN card / Voter's Identity Card / Driving License / Identity Card with applicant's photograph issued by Government, Aadhar Card

Address Proof - Passport / PAN card / Voter's Identity Card / Driving License / Latest Utility Bill (electricity, telephone, postpaid mobile phone, piped gas and water bill) / Property Tax Receipt / Bank or Post Office Savings Bank Account Statement / Letter of Allotment of Accommodation issued OR Leave and License agreements issued by Government to the employee

Signature Proof - Driving License / Passport / PAN Card / Bankers' Verification / Registered Sale Deed / Government Employee ID Cardk

Here is a checklist of documents required for loan against property for salaried individuals -

3 Months Salary Slip for salaried employees or Salary Certificate, Copy of last 2 years Form 16 or IT Return, Bank Statement for the last 6 months of the Salary Account, Appointment / Confirmation Letter if current job tenure is less than 1 year, Any other documents if required

Here is a checklist of loan against land documents for self-employed individuals -

Partnership Deed in case of Partnership Firm; MOA/AOA in case of Company

Here is a concise list of loan against property documents - Copy of IT Return, Computation of Income, CA Certified Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account, all for the last 2 years

Bank Statement for the last 6 months of the Business Accounts, Office Address Proof, Tax audit report of individual partnership & company, Latest Share Holding Pattern Attested by CA/CS in case of Company, VAT/ Sales Tax Returns, List of Directors attested by CA/CS in case of Company, Sanction Letter for working capital limits & term loans with SOA, Copy of Degree Certificate in case of Professionals, Any other documents if required,

End use letter is one of the mandatory documents for loan against property cases.

It’s advisable to keep all these documents ready beforehand.

We want our customers to be clear about the loan against property requirements before applying for them to expedite the process.