Hi, I am Ganesh Gandhi, Chennai, India. I done my Under Graduate of B.Tech (Civil Engineering) at Bharath University, Chennai on 2008. Then i went to Karunya University, Coimbatore for my Master Graduation of MBA (Construction Management), Completed on 2010. I am having a kiln in Business Sector only. But for my experience, I went to few construction companies to learn about the Construction and Marketing Management. I spend five years for a marketing experience in Real Estate Sector. Later, I joined has a Placement Officer in TJ Institute of Technology, Chennai. In part time, I was in import business has a partnership.. As well as currently I am a Digital Entrepreneur.

My future target is, I need to get a PHD, and I need to do a own project (Construction - Something Different) which is need to make my name formed in history also.

I am the happiest person in this world. Because, I am Bachelor. I hope god can bless me to continue this life has a bachelor.

Do’s : In my Business service, mostly i will undertake all the online Services only, for low cost.

Don’t Do’s : I never undertake any off-line services, apart from Real Estate Businesses.

Strength ; Internet, Creativity, Share Market, Antique, Businesses,Little Helping Mind.

Weakness : Sensitive Character, No Compromise, Zero Negotiation, Hate Sound and Crowd.

By Ganesh Gandhi

Founder & CEO of GAGA INDIA

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I will assured my achievement is not done by individually. We thank to all my partners.

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Head Office : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Own Branch : Texas, Midland, USA
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