Hello and welcome to my Profile!

I’m Thiyagarajan i have completed my UG in Game Design and Development from GIGA Chennai. Senior Game Designer with over 10 years of professional game industry experience. While I’ve
worked on a wide variety of different games and platforms, I am currently director of GAGA INDIA which is mainly concerned on creative minds and upcoming talents.

I focus mostly on designing, building, and scripting levels that are filled with great gameplay and narrative.I like to do combat, system, and narrative design on occasion as well.
I also lead teams and mentor other designers.

I have a strong perseverance for learning new things and taking on challenges, and I always like to put some extra time in polishing my creations,
to make sure the creative vision is achieved in the best possible way. Below are my areas of expertise that I had explored and worked on:

Types of Games: Simulator Game, 3d Escape Game, Girls Game, 3rd Person Game, Kids Specialised Games, Cooking Games, Animation Series(Trulli Tales), Learning Games

Game Engine Used: Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Construct

Design & Development


Public Relations